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Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them • 0 min read

By 2018, Facebook was promoting the Onavo app in a Protect bookmark of the main Facebook app in hopes of scoring more users to snoop on...

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Opinion | Want to Stop Fake News? Pay for the Real Thing • 0 min read

We can start with the fact that “free” isn’t a good business model for quality journalism...

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What is Success for a Product Manager? • 0 min read

Offering a smooth migration path for existing customers is a critical success factor in this transition that a PM must not forget...

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Cal Newport on Why We'll Look Back at Our Smartphones Like Cigarettes • 0 min read

In 2004, when Cal Newport was still an undergrad at Dartmouth, all his friends were making accounts on a new website called Facebook...

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Apple was warned about alarming FaceTime eavesdropping bug last week • 0 min read

Yesterday, a worrying and invasive bug that allowed callers to secretly listen in on unknowing recipients through Apple’s FaceTime app quickly made news headlines...

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Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient • 0 min read

Getting Ahead By Being InefficientInefficient does not mean ineffective, and it is certainly not the same as lazy...

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If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving? • 0 min read

She’s moving out of the San Francisco Bay Area, where we have both lived since we were kids...

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Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps • 0 min read

Apple has shut down Facebook’s ability to distribute internal iOS apps, from early releases of the Facebook app to basic tools like a lunch menu...

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The Man Who Invented Information Theory • 0 min read

Having built a construct as complete and powerful as information theory, Shannon gently made a point of noting the barriers to replicating his act...

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